ENY Risk Management Notice

As a reminder, damages from soccer goals continue to be the number one claim payouts in our Top 20 list of claims. Some have exceeded 7 to 9 million in damages.

Effective Immediately:
If a club stores or keeps owned equipment on City-Owned Property, as a risk management concern these goals pose a threat to Eastern NY and the leagues liability coverage.

Our insurance company and Eastern NY highly recommend any club or league that owns goals on public property donate via written agreement to the municipality or school. The fact of the matter is the league or club has little or no control over the goals on public land when they are not using them, but you are responsible for injuries nevertheless. By donating the goals to the school or the municipality you will be reducing your liability, the league’s, and the state’s overall liability. By keeping our Insurance claims down, we can continue to keep our player fees manageable.

Thank You,

Jim Eleftherion
USYS Risk Management Committee
ENY Risk Management Director

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